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"Not all those who wander are lost."

- JRR Tolkien
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The mission of the Imrryrian Mercenaries is to foster a close-knit, team-oriented, forward-thinking, and a professional game environment to maximize the enjoyment of Dungeons & Dragons Online for our guild members and our allies.

Welcome to the Imrryrian Mercenaries HQ!

What is a Merc?
   An Imrryrian Mercenary is many things, the one thing we are not is quitters! Patience and the love of D n D are a must. The drive to succeed and help are another. Loyalty is our diehard motto.

Welcome my name is Joseph Hines, I am 28 years old and live in Kirkland, Wa (next to seattle). I started playing pen and paper when I was nine years old. I learned from My old man (Pat, Pongsu) and it was in my heart and mind forever. I served in the US army for five years and have learned the importance of teamwork and having people you can trust by your side.  When I was presented this game I was thrilled by the prospect of mixing classic pen and paper with the modern MMO style. I believe they are doing a wonderful job.

When I first started this game I had a hard time getting into it because of the lack of like minded people, thats what the mercs are " like minded ".

If you are looking for a power guild, you may want to look elsewhere, We all wish to grow, and we will. However there is no hurry to get there. Quality over quantity.

To be a Merc you need to fit the only criteria we have, are you merc material?

There is no defining rules I can put down to show you what Merc material is, you have to run with us and see for yourself.

Happy Hunting, feel free to get ahold of any Merc officer in game to set up some run times :)

Stay Safe

General Dirlix D'Spite

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rekiznu, Feb 28, 11 8:10 PM.
Howdy, If you can please take a moment and send an in-game mail to Shadowfister with all of your guilded toons, and alts. So i can add a list to our web-page.
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